Basic Water Polo


Description: This is a basic, informative, fun Water Polo class. The class may be taught in the shallow and/or deep end of the pool. We do not use water polo cages and have a small pool to help the most beginners manage this beginner class.

Purpose of this class: To have fun, learn some basic Water Polo skills and drills, gets some conditioning in a very fun way and introduce the player to the potential of signing up for a water polo team in the area. Do not sign up for this class if you are a serious water polo player looking for competition. There are numerous competitive Water Polo programs in the area.

Class format: Students will be required to swim and tread water to build their conditioning. If your child needs stroke technique, please sign up for a Level 4 swim class. Students will be taught basic water polo skills, basic rules, have fun drills to practice and have a controlled jungle ball style of game to play. We improvise shooting skills as we do not have water polo cages.

Prerequisite: Students must be Swim Level 4-6 to sign up for this class Material Requirement: Students must have their own Water Polo ball and goggles for lap conditioning not game play. Below is the description of size balls. Please only purchase the size ball for their age Size 1-3 only needed.

Size 1: Splash ball

  • Most commonly used in introductory water polo camps where boys and girls aged 8 & under try out water polo for the first time.
  • The small size of this ball makes it easier for the young, beginning players to handle the ball.

Size 2: Junior

  • Used by 12 & under girls and 10 & under co-ed.
  • The smaller size of this ball is most appropriate for this age range as young players learn basic water polo skills.
  • Size 3: Intermediate

  • Used by 14 & under girls and 12 & under boys.
  • This transitional sized ball is designed and volumetrically engineered to provide a smooth transition to the Size 4 ball, to improve skill development, and to increase quality of play.

Size 4 and 5 not needed

2024 Session Schedule

All sessions are 4 weeks long

March 4 to 29
April 1 to 26
April 29 to May 24
May 27 to June 21
June 24 to July 19
July 22 to Aug 16
Aug 19 to Sept 13
Sept 16 to Oct 11
Oct 14 to Nov 8
Nov 11 to Dec 6

If the session falls on a holiday please check with your instructor for the holiday schedule.

Please email for each new session class times.


Price per Session

1 student 15 min classes $320
1 student 20 min classes $420
2 students 20 min classes $220 each student
3 student 30 min $220
4-8 students 30 min classes $190
9-12 student classes 40 min classes $190

water polo

water polo

water polo