Swim Lessons

Scheduling Information

We need to know your childs age, ability and class size you want. You can choose M W or TTh classes and a general block of time you want the class. We will then match you up with students of the same criteria. You may not get an exact time until the schedule is finalized as students in the previous session get priority of time.

All prices are at the bottom of this page and Swim Levels are below

On the registration form write in the session date, time frame, teacher request, and days you desire for you classes.

Holidays: Please check with your instructor if class will be held on holidays. You can arrange with the instructor to continue or reschedule a different time.

Make-ups: Are problematic but we do try to honor for emergencys and contagious illness. Please refer to our policy form for the make up policy. If your child is ill please do not bring them to class. Email ASAP by 8:30 am to let the instructor know or you will forfeit a make up
If you cancel class for personal reasons, it must be in writing (alohaswimimng@gmail.com) 24-48 hours in advance if you would like to make that class time up. (subject to openings)

Verbal cancellations will not be honored

Make ups are your responsibilty. Please email daily until we can work them into the schedule

Make-ups can not be carried over after the closing of each year. We close for the winter months.

Class Size

Depends on age and level of students. If you choose private scheduling or make your own group, You can choose the class size and times. It is best to keep the class size as small as you can afford for optimal learning. Often times it will cost more in the long run if there are too many kids in the class for your childs ability level.

1 student ( 20 or 30 minutes) Any ability level

2 students (20 or 30 min) Any ability level

3 students ( 30 minutes) Beginner and up

4-6 student ( 30 minutes) Adv. Beg 5 and up

7-8 students (40 minutes) Adv Beg age 9 and up

9-12 students (50 minutes)Int/Adv age 11 and up

Sessions are 4 weeks long


Group or Semi Private classes need to choose
Mon Wed
Tues Thurs

Private lessons

1 to 5 times a week
You arrange the time & days with instructors availablity
Mon to Fri



2019 Session Schedule


Jan 21 to Feb 15

Feb 18 to Mar 15

Mar 18 to Apr 12

Apr 15 to May 10

May 13 to June 7

June 10 to July 5

July 8 to Aug 2

Aug 5 to Aug 30

Sept 2 to Sept 27

Sept 30 to Oct 25

Oct 28 to Nov 22

Nov 25 to Dec 20

All the prices are on the bottom of this page

8 x 20 min. Semi Private Lessons are $175



8 semi private or group classes are

scheduled for 4 weeks on

Mon &Weds or Tues &Thurs


Call or email if you need group classes at a different time and we will see if we can put together a class for you or you can put together your own group class.

Private lessons or your own group can

request different days as long as it works

in the instructors work schedule.



Learning to swimm at Aloha Capo Beach Swimming SchoolS



Water Safety & Survival

(Age 8 months to 3 Years. Non Swimmers )

We employ a gentle technique for the little ones.We will teach them water safety skills that will help them survive in an emergency situation. We will teach them to hold their breath for up to 20 seconds so they can to paddle and kick to the side of the pool and reach up and grab an edge, ladder or step to get out. We will teach them to float and roll on their backs if they cannot paddle and kick to the side of the pool.  The objective is to get their mouth in the air to be able to take a breath. We understand the child may feel uncomfortable at times as some skills are more difficult to master but we will move at a pace that is not detrimental to their learning progress.

What to expect:  Each child is different and learning varies from child to child but a general rule is that above the age of 2 a child will learn these water safety skills in 3 to 4 sessions.  Under the age of 2 they will learn these skills in 4-5 months.   If your child is outside this time scale, do not worry, eventually it will come.

Non Swimmer

(Age 3 and Up) The older non-swimmer fall into 2 catagories, The unlearned or the anxious or fearful

Catagory 1: Those that just have not learned the skill of swimming:  Will be taught basic water safety and survival skills in Level 1 and begin to learn basic stroke mechanics to propel themselves through the water. If they can comfortably submerge their heads underwater they will learn basic swim skills quickly

What to expect:  1 session is usually enough time to move them to the level 3 beginners to begin to learn proper stroke mechanics and safty skills.


Catagory 2. Those students that have anxiety or fear about water or swimming.  We will work through the issue of fear and slowly implement skills that can be accomplished with success.  We will move at a comfortable pace so learning is optimal, However, they will need to step out of their comfort level on occassion or they will not progress.

What to expect: Unless there is significant fear to overcome, usually 2 sessions is enough to move them to the level 3 beginners to begin to learn proper stroke mechanics.


(Age 3.5 and Up)

At this level the student already knows how to maneuver short distances without fear with their head submerged. But may not always get back safely, thus they must be monitored at all times.

This level will review water safety survival skills,  learn basic stroke mechanics for the freestyle (crawl stroke), breaststroke and 2 types of backstroke. Breathing techniques will be introduced at this level.  They will also begin mild conditioning and be introduced to the deep end of the pool for safe jumping and diving. 

What to expect: Usually 2-3 sessions is enough to move to the level 4 Advanced beginners.

Advanced Beginners

(Age 4 and Up)

At this level the student can swim independently across the pool or a greater distance to get to the side or take a breath. They will begin to learn proper stroke mechanics for Freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke and introduced to the butterfly stroke.   They will be taught correct breathing technique and begin conditioning with lap swimming.  The will also be introduced to treading water and diving 

What to expect: Depending on the childs age, all 4 strokes can be learned in a couple of sessions. But strength and efficiency are usually age related. It is possible for 5 and 6 year olds to move to an intermediate class in a 3-4 sessions. 


(Age 7 and Up)

At this level student know all 4 competitive strokes with proper breathing form.   They can tread water and dive.

They will be taught stroke refinement, and more advanced conditioning is required. Ocean safety skills and wave simulation swims will be practiced.  They will be trained to pass the Jr Lifeguard test: tread water for at least 5 minutes.  100 yrs swim under 2 minutes or 2:30 depending on what Jr Guard program they enroll in. We will work on holding the breath while swimming under water for 10 yards.   They will also be taught proper starts, turns and finishes needed for swim competition if they decide to join a swim team.

What to expect: approximately 2-4 sessions to pass the test above the age of 8 or 2-4 sessions to be able to join a swim team, waterpolo team, Jr lifeguards etc. or move to the Advanced classes


(Age 9 and Up)

At this level the students have mastered all 4 competitive strokes, can tread 5 minutes, can dive, do flip turns and can pass the Jr guard test or passed requirements to be on a team but not interested in competition. This class is for those who want to keep conditioning and have a social outlet or meet Physical education requirements. These students will be taught Lifeguard techniques if every they want a job as lifeguards or swim instructors.

What to expect: Ongoing, stroke refinement, conditioning, cross training for other sports or water activities

Cost of Swim Lessons

Number of students and Days per week

Sessions are 4 weeeks long

Swim Lesson Prices





1 Student Class
20 min or 30 min
20 min or 30 min
20 min or 30 min

4 lessons
(1 time a week)

$180 or $250
8 lessons
(2 times a week)
$330 or $480
12 lessons
(3 times a week)
$480 or $690
2 Student Class
20 min or 30 min
20 min or 30 min
20 min or 30 min
4 lessons
(1 time a week)
$95 or $130
8 lessons
(2 times a week)
$175 or $250
12 lessons   
(3 times a week)
$250 or $355

Group Classes

8 lessons 30 minutes long

3 Student class

(30 Minutes)$175
4-5 Student class 
(30minutes) $130

Large Group Classes

8 lessons 30-45 minutes long

6 student class
30 minutes $125
7-8 student class
40 minutes $125

9-12 student class

45 minutes $125