Adult Swim

Why choose our pool and program?

Because it is a salt water pool heated to 90 degrees

Because it is peaceful and not over-crowded

Because it is private and the facility is only open to those enrolled

Because you are being taught by knowledgeable caring instructors


Adult Swim Dana Point Aquatics - Capo Beach Swim Lessons


Form your own group and we can do group lessons or group exercise or workouts. Price depends on the number of swimmers in your group.

Rent a lane for your own lap swim or exercises $5 each 30 mins

We have 3 lanes so laps or exercise times are limited and must work around our regularly scheduled swim lesson.

Times vary according what season we are in. lanes are usually available between 12-2pm.

Please email daily to schedule a lane.

You can rent a lane for yourself for $5 every 30 mins.


Learn To Swim $420 for 8 x 20 Private lessons ($220 for 8 semi-private)


We know that it is hard for adults to sign up to learn to swim but you are not alone. Every year we teach adults and seniors to learn to swim because they did not have the opportunity as children. We also specialize in teaching those that have had a bad experience and need to work through the anxiety and fear. You are safe and welcome here.

Swim Better $420 for 8 x 20 Private lessons ($220 for 8 semi-private)


This class is for those that know how to swim but want to learn to swim better. You will learn proper stroke mechanics and proper breathing skills so swimming for conditioning is easier and more efficient. We can train you for competition or triathlons also.

Lap swimmers or

aqua exercisers must

fill out the medical

liability form and

sign the pool rules

form each year to

rent a lane



Email for the current lap swim schedule.

Usually between 12 and 2pm