Stroke Technique Class

For those interested in learning more advanced swim skills and improving conditioning level.  Students will prepare or be prepared to join Jr. Lifeguards, Swim teams, water polo teams, surf teams, or keep enrolling for conditioning and socializing. 

Tryouts may be necessary to place the swimmer in the appropriate group or swim lesson if need be. (Pre-requisite: Students must be able to swim across the pool unassisted with stroke knowledge. Smaller groups are recommended for those with those needing more hands on practice. (See swim lesson page for smaller groups and swim level info.)


Beginner Technique/Conditioning

(Age 5-15 Years) Must be able to swim comfortably in the deep end, have basic lifesaving skills and demonstrate basic strokes skills.
Students will learn proper stroke technique in Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke include proper breathing techniques. Students will also learn to dive and treading water. Conditioning is included during stroke drills but emphasis is placed on technique.

Intermediate Technique/Conditioning

(Age 9-15 Years) Must be able to swim 2 strokes proficiently and at least 100 yds without stopping.
Students will practice proper stroke technique for 4 competitive swim strokes including Butterfly. Students will practice competitive diving and learn efficient treading water skills. Conditioning is more advanced and students will prepare for the Jr. Lifeguard test. (100yds Free, 5 minute tread and underwater swim) Student will be introduced to turns and finishes. Students will occasionally have the opportunity for fun races. Ocean safety skills will be taught and Ocean swims simulated

Advanced Technique/Conditioning

(Age 9-15 Years) Must be proficient and 4 competitive swim strokes and be well conditioned
Students will practice stroke refinement in 4 competitive swim strokes. More rigorous conditioning and speed work.  Students will practice competitive Starts turns and finishes. Students will be tested for the Jr. Lifeguard test with 100 yd. swim, treading water for 5 minute and underwater swims. Students will occasionally have the opportunity for fun races. Ocean safety skills will be taught and Ocean swims simulated.

2022 Session Dates

Feb 14 to March 11
March 14 to Apr 8
Apr 11 to May 6
May 9 to June 3
June 6 to July 1
July 4 to July 29th
Aug 1 to Aug 26
Aug 29 to Sept 16
Sept 19 to Oct 14
Oct 17 to Nov 11
Nov 14 to Dec 9
If the session falls on a holiday please check with the instructor for the holiday schedule.

All sessions are 4 weeks long
Classes are M W or T TH


Cost Per Sesson:

$190 (2-4 students)
$150 (5-6 students)
8 classes 2 times a week

Class length varies depending on number of students enrolled in the class

Group sizes of 5-6 students 30 mins
Group size of 7-8 students 40 mins
Group size of up to 9-12 students 50 mins


If your child cannot swim comfortably in the deep end, then we offer semi private or small group swim lessons of 2-3 student classes that prepare them for these advanced classes


Days and Times (Spring sessions):

Monday Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday
Times may vary according to enrollment
Between 3:30pm and 7 pm depending on enrollment and season

AM classes available in the summer months when school is out of session


When classes do not fill, we may combine levels